Small Private Rooms to Hire in London

Hiring a private meeting room or flat in London, a city with over 8 million people who stroll through the city streets everyday, can be challenging at times. Not only is availability something that needs to be looked into, but there are numerous other factors that need to be sorted out as you search for the right room. However, luckily for you, the choices for rooms in London are endless, and we are here to make the process a little easier.

Find out what do you really need

Sorting out your priorities can help you in the process of choosing a room in London. Some key factors to look into when looking for a room, is ensuring the space is clean, comfortable to live in, and that it looks and smells pleasant. You should also consider your budget to determine the size and location of the space in London. Undoubtedly, different neighborhoods will have difference prices, with the better known parts of London costing a bit more.

Finding online ads

As most of the London population are foreigners and students that come from many different countries, hiring a private room can be done more easily if you go through online ads. There are many websites and ad platforms where people put their rooms and prices for you to check out. Make sure that the ad is clear and authentic, and keeping close attention to anything that may be false or suspicious. There is a wide choice of small meeting rooms and if you find the right roommate, the price will not be a problem and any issues that may arise can be dealt with efficiently. Examples of such sites include where people create their profile and put the area of London in which they are looking for a roommate. You can contact each person via a quick direct message and start the process of negotiating prices and other important details while looking for that perfect room.


Our recommendations

1. Flat share Canary Wharf

This shared flat is near the Canary Wharf station and is a 5 to 10 minute walk from the underground stations. The price ranges from around 169 British Pounds to 219 British Pounds, depending on the room. Most rooms are fully furnished and have balconies; all the bills are also payed, so you just have to pay for the small rooms you decided to rent. This location has numerous satisfied customers with nothing but good reviews for the landlord and the location of this flat. If there are any problems while staying there or if you need something repaired, they are done immediately and at no cost if the damage is minor. Your room will also be cleaned regularly each week so you do not have to worry about that either. If anything, staying here feels like actually staying in a hotel if you ask us.

2. Double room in a furnished flat

This flat share is located near the Shoreditch EA area. It is a large flat with 5 rooms, 1 bathroom, 2 toilets, and 1 kitchen, but the price is also larger. Starting at around 775 British Pounds, this flat offers room for up to 4 people, high speed internet, and is within a 15 minute walking distance from Old Street Station. Bills are included in the price, so that is a plus. However, the flat doesn’t have any real living room so do keep that in mind!

3. Flat in Brixton

The most expensive option out of all listed is this flat in Brixton, which is located 5 minutes from the Brixton station. It is a small, cozy flat that looks like a studio apartment. In terms of pricing, bills are not included in the rent, and the rent price is around 1210 British Pounds. Also, the space needs to be rented for at least 12 months. Generally, bills can go up to 200 British Pounds, with Wi-Fi costing 25 pounds, 35 for water, 85 for electricity, and 75 for the council tax. However, with this steep price, the flat is fully furnishes and comes with a full bathroom, kitchen, and sleeping area. Free parking is also included!

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