Things to Consider When Choosing your Event Venue

Do you have something planned that requires the renting of a venue? Something like a wedding or a birthday party. Really, anything that requires booking a room or hall where you will be able to invite and entertain a lot of people.

Well there are many things to consider when choosing the right venue for you, here are some of them-

Things to consider when choosing your event venue

 1. Style: What do you have in mind for this event? Is it something business-related or is something that requires a theme? If it’s for a wedding for example, will you be going with the regular whites and blues and pinks- or would you prefer something themed around the color black or red? The way an event is planned and decorated is important. More often than not venues are willing to do some of the work for you – like providing different colored table cloths or fancy curtains etc. but if you’re looking for something specific, you’re going to have to keep in mind how you’d like it to look for the event.

2. Invitees: How many people will you be inviting to this event? Will it be a small group of 10-30 people, or is it something more along the lines of 500-1000? Depending on your answer to that question, you’re going to have to pick a venue that will be able to hold however many people you are hoping to invite- without going too overboard. Price drives up the larger and roomier a venue is, so get the perfect fit- not too small, nor too large.

3. Cost: This is of course one of the more important things to consider when picking out a venue. Depending on your set budget, you may or may not even be able to afford the one you were hoping to rent- which will end in nothing but heartbreaks. So make sure you have a percentage of your budget laid out for renting the venue- and talk it over with your fiancé and your planner.

4. The Big Day: Plan your event accordingly. Pick out a date and confirm with the venue holder that they’re free on that day before anything else- that way you’ll know that you’ll be able to actually use it. If you’re planning the event around the holiday seasons, try to book it a couple months in advance – as early as you can really- because venues tend to get taken up without warning.

5. Amenities: Will they be able to provide the things that you will need? Whether it is audio-visual technology or catering, make sure that these things will be included in the package before making any commitments.

Whatever it is you’ll be celebrating, try to match up it up with your venue of choice. It’s not that difficult to find somewhere that fits your purpose. Make sure to plan it out accordingly, it’s easy to forget about the tiny details- especially if you’re planning something large. So be careful!

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