Where to Find Meeting Rooms in Cambridge

Cambridge is very rich when it comes to opportunities, and it attracts tons of tourists throughout the year! It is, first and foremost, considered as a university city, if only because most of the city’s occupants are students. A census from 2011 had found that the population was overwhelmed by around 24,488 students- out of the 123,867 of the people that lived there.

The city has been described as one of the world’s most beautiful cities- with its mixture of modern and classic values. In general, it provides a lot of room for business ventures of all kinds. It used to be considered one of the most important regional trading points- importing and exporting items of various uses throughout the United Kingdom, and this tradition continues even today, just with a more… modern twists.

Available Meeting Rooms

1. Library Rooms: There are a variety of libraries available for your choosing, with open floor designs and closed rooms alike. Most of these libraries include the many amenities that are often required for a business meeting. Whether it is printers, projectors, snack area, etc. The prices can vary depending on what kind of room you’d like, but most charge by the hour. With costs starting at around £5 an hour, all the way up to £275 an hour. Just contact the local library today and ask when they’d be available to accommodate the meeting you’d like to have!

2. College Rooms: As Cambridge is, first and foremost, a university city. It’s expected that there be many meeting rooms that are available in these colleges. Again, most of these rooms are outfitted with the latest of technologies- that should make it much easier for you to conduct whatever meeting you’d like to have. Most colleges also offer rooms of various sizes, like the Moller Centre: Churchill College. This college offers catering as well, so that’s another requirement that is ready to be ticked off.

3. Hotel Rooms: Quite a common venue for meeting rooms are Hotels. Not only do they offer the usual amenities, they go beyond that! For meetings that are to be held for longer than a day- a hotel is the best choice. As they also have hotel rooms that can be rented and booked for everyone that is staying behind. Make sure to take advantage of this little information when considering the kind of meetings you’d like to be held there.

4. Hall Centers: Of course let’s not forget centers that are designed for this very purpose. They offer amenities that are perfectly suited to the requirements of business meetings.

Whichever you decide to book in the end, make sure to pick one that is right for you. Figure out the key components of your meeting and fit it to the venue that you choose. Be careful of hourly rates- make sure to accommodate any possible delay or extension so that there are no problems later on.

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